We Believe…


noun \ˈli-bər-tē\

1.the state or condition of people who are able to act and speak freely

2.the power or scope to act as one pleases
individuals should enjoy the liberty to pursue their own interests and preferences“

synonyms: freedom, independence, free rein, license, self-determination, free will

Liberty Housing of Saline is for people who need help in their daily lives. They deserve to have not only shelter, but a place to call home. A dignified place where their liberty is respected. Why? Isn’t this what you want for yourself? Isn’t this what we should expect for everyone?

A group of families in Saline Michigan is working together to create Liberty Housing. A number of vulnerable adults in the community need housing that meets their needs for safety and assistance with daily living activities, while encouraging independence.

The parents in our group all share one thing. We love Saline and the people in it. We think it is the ideal place for our loved ones to live the rest of their lives.Together we aspire to partner with local, state, federal, and private entities to acquire, build, or rehabilitate housing solutions in Saline.


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